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To properly serve the civic interest in a major centre like Seville means adapting administrative mechanisms and the management of services to the complexity of the modern city. And such mechanisms, in the view of my government, can most effectively be applied to the solution of problems and the harnessing of the city's creative energies, if they are governed (in our policy and our management) by the culture of Coordination. The goals of the DeSevilla Economic Interest Grouping, which brings together LIPASAM, EMVISESA, EMASESA and TUSSAM, are to improve the quality of municipal public services while reducing the costs of municipal companies, to diversify these companies activities and revenue streams and help them to implement common policies. Goals that are being addressed by the development of a culture based on shared work and coordination at both an operational and functional level.


Empresas Municipales de Sevilla, A.I.E., is all about improving the standards of our public services. As such, its purpose and priority is to deliver better services in our neighbourhoods, cleaner streets, more regular bus services, an efficient water supply system, affordable housing, good quality community services, etc.


This efficiency and improvement drive relies for its success on the human resources of the municipal companies, the quality of the thousands of employees working there daily, the management of the knowledge they have acquired over decades of public enterprise activity, and the capacity of their management teams.


These shared efforts will translate as better public services for Seville and a better deal for all its citizens, who will feel the benefits in their everyday quality of life.